To compliment your Wedding Cake Make a Great Alternative Gift or Table Centres, or to compliment your wedding cake table

Candy Trees, they come in small, medium and large, the medium ones will make excellent centre pieces to your tables and sweets are entirely up to you, you can alternate between tables to keep the cost down, or a stunning addition to your cake table, or even just a lovely extra for your buffet table.

We are currently offer Marshmallow, Maltesers, but if you have a preference please do not hesitate to ask we can do it.

The ribbons can match the colour of your cake, theme and decor, we can also add embellishments ie sugar roses, sugar pearls to match the theme of your cake.

Pricing Structure
Below is a quick picture of the large (8" across the ball shape) of flying saucer candy tree

Pricing Structure
The half ball trees are 45.00 each and the full ball trees are 55.00 each, this is due to the time and amount of sweets it take to actually cover the balls, they roughly take 3 to 4 hours to make, free standing large balls that stand on the floor are 75.00 each, Ferrero Rocher will cost more due to the expense of the actual chocolate itself.  Please note candy trees are really time consuming to make.

Candy Trees are not intended for small children and all children should be supervised at all times, due to using cocktail sticks to secure the sweets in place they could be a potential choking hazard, please note where the stick is pointing out of the ball we have taken off the sharp edge. Children must be supervised at all times by an adult whilst picking sweets off the trees . Candy trees are deemed unsafe for young children aged for 0-3 year olds. Please note that some sweets may contain nuts.

Please also note that it isnt just about sweets in the price, the price includes, the pot, plaster that is required to hold the pole in place, the pole, tissue paper, polystrene ball and time to make them.

Cakes by Nina holds no responsibility for any accidents that may occur from a candy tree and any allergic reactions due to Candy Trees.

All candy trees will be covered in food grade tissue paper before sweets are applied so they are not touching the polystrene ball inside, we use cocktail sticks to attach our sweets so that we dont cause confusion we dont use chocolate as we dont want clients to think the ball is made out of chocolate
Love hearts - £45 Ferrero Rocher - £65 Flying Saucer - £35 Marshmallow - £35
Love hearts - 45 Ferrero Rocher - 65 Flying Saucer - 35 Marshmallow - 35
Wedding Love Hearts - £45 Wedding Lollipops - £45
Wedding Love Hearts - 45 Wedding Lollipops - 45
Candy Trees