Cakes by Nina would love to meet you for a chat to discuss your special day, we offer a very casual no pressure consultation.  We would gratefully request that no more than two people come for consultations if possible as it makes it hard to concentrate when there are multiples of people thank you.

"Our ideal wedding clients know that their wedding day is a very special day.  They understand that their cake is going to be part of a memorable event.  They value high quality not just in the design aspect but the taste too.  They appreciate the time and effort invested to create the perfect cake for their big day.  They understand that this is a once in a lifetime event and they want the very best for their day"

Please note that ALL our cakes are freshly baked, we do not keep samples in the freezer, we offer a free consultation where we can just discuss the design, but please have the courtesy to note these are baked fresh to order for you and if you are unable to come for any reason please do give us advance notice so we dont waste our time and ingredients.

Even if you dont know what you want we can guide you down the route to make sure you have the cake that is the centre piece and very specific to your day.  Ideally your slot will be from half an hour to an hour long.

Bringing along colour swatches does help and an open mind to ideas, if you think an idea might be a little mad give us a go, if you can dream we can certaintly do our best to make it for you.

We would ask that you try and keep your appointment slot as close to possible to the time as sometimes we are actual run appointments back to back, we usually offer an hour consultation (if you have a rough idea of what you want), but sometimes two hours is required if we are starting from scratch.  If you are running really late we would appreciate a telephone call to let us know as we may need to reschedule you.

We also have an excellent list of recommended suppliers, from florist, hairdressers and photographers.

All original designs at consultation stage belong to Cakes by Nina and will not be allowed to leave the building until you have decided you would like to go with Cakes by Nina at that stage we will give you a copy for your file.  All prices are valid for 3 months after consultation, but if your wedding is say a year or two in advance Cakes by Nina will still honour the price given at consultation time as long as a deposit and forms are completed within 3 months of the consultation date.

We do not expect any of our potential clients to make a decision on the day so we will give you an order form to take away with you and if you do decide to go with Cakes by Nina we will be delighted to do this for you.

So thinking of getting married ring, email or text or even facebook us to arrange a non obligation chat today.  NO TIME WASTERS PLEASE THANK YOU

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07813 267807


Your Consultation
Our consultations are currently free of charge. We see people in the evenings Thursday and Friday, during the day Saturdays unfortunately Sundays are no longer available, your consultation should take between half an hour and an hour.

We kindly ask that you check out our rough pricing structure, and if you have a rough idea of design to send over to us prior to arranging a meeting so we are able to give you a guide price before you come this then avoids any awkwardness on the day.

Thank you . . . .

Please also note you do not have to come for a consultation we are quite happy to do all the order via email if this suits you better, to which if you are happy to pay for them we can send you cake samples, the current cost including postage is 25 for 48 hour .