New For 2017 - Edible Replica Wedding Cake Table Centre Pieces
After something a little different for your table centres or an amazing gift, with that real WOW factor, we can create an edible miniature version of your wedding cake to be displayed proudly in the middle of each table, or just have one or two displayed next to your main cake.

This can then either be a special gift for the mother of the bride, mother of the groom, bridesmaids, or you can even have some fun with it and allocate a number on one on the place settings that correspondance with the number on the cake and that person at that particular table gets this wonderful centrepiece to take home and enjoy.  If giving out as gifts we can cellophane wrap them for you no extra charge.
We can do various sizes depending on how big your actual wedding cake is.  Dimensions and guide prices as follows:

3 tier - base cake size roughly 4" and would be roughly 4.5" tall - 115 each
4 tier - base cake size roughly 5" and would be roughly 7.5" tall - 145 each
5 tier - base cake size roughly 6" and would be roughly 11" tall - 185 each

If you wanted to make these cakes have more of a presence on the table we can supply a covered dummy to act like a stand to raise them up for you, there will be a small additional charge for this.
Please remember its not just about cake it is all the work involved creating these miniature replicas, what a great talking point.
You can still put your flowers around them if you wish, we are happy to set these up and decorate around the bottoms with flowers provided by your florist on the day if you wanted this extra.
These cakes would have to be one flavour throughout and be made out of our maderia sponge which lasts longer than our normal sponge cake and is a little heavier in texture but still just as yummy.
This service is only available at these prices if we are doing your main wedding cake for you, if you wanted us to copy your existing wedding cake a different price would needed to be quoted to you. Also if gold leaf, or silver leaf was required these prices would alter.