The Spinney at Rivervale
The Spinney at Rivervale
A rustic looking front cake with lots of sugar flowers and sugar
leaves with a sugar replica of The spinney on the back
with handmade miniature wooden chairs
Our Double Side Collection
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We pride ourselves on our sugar flowers, most of our cakes we use sugar flowers but if you want fresh flowers we are happy to work with them

We are happy to use your florist flowers on any cake design but please check they are not poisonous or could cause a reaction before hand, and pesticides havent been used especially when placing them on naked cakes or exposed cakes, this responsibility lies completely with the client, we  do not recommend using gypsophila because of the following :
Gypsophila - Toxicity. While not highly toxic, plants in the Gypsophila genus can cause allergic reactions and all parts contain toxic compounds that cause dermatitis, difficulty breathing, and nose and sinus irritation. However, symptoms are usually short-lived, lasting only a few minutes after contact with the plant.