Pricing Structure
Plain vanilla cupcakes with buttercream swirl are 2.15 each, cupcakes with decorations on the top are between 5 - 9 each,  mini cakes (approx 3") are between 9.50 to 12.50 each cakepops are between 2.95 to 6.25 each. Price range depends on decoration involved
Our cutting cakes are perfect if you need extra cake, and are all treated in the same way as your main wedding cake, with lots of care and attention, these cakes are still nice tall cakes giving you more per slice and  fully covered in belguim chocolate ganache and quality fondant 6" -  85, 8" - 115, 10" - 145, 12" - 165, please note these do not come dowelled ready for stacking, they are purely for cutting up and serving. Fruit cakes would have an additional charge.
5", 7", 9" = 80 - 85 portions