Cakes by Nina cakes are all homemade, using quality ingredients, only free range eggs are used, though cakes and cookies are made nut free to the best of my knowledge we can only be guided by the manufacturers details on the packaging, we therefore cannot personally guarantee no nuts, and because each cake is individual to you there will be slight differences in design.

Our consultations are currently free of charge.  We would be most grateful if you would take some time to look at some of our previous work so you can roughly see what budget you will need before coming along.  Thank you.

To confirm an order we do require our wedding order form completed together with our booking fee which is broken down as follows:
Standard Deposit of orders upto £565 = £100
Over £565 to £750 = £150
Over £750 and upto £950 = £250
Over £950 to £1500 = £350
Over £1500 = £450

Rainbow cakes are an additional charge to make due to how time consuming they are to make they also contain artificial colourings to get the vibrant colours we are not responsible for any side effects this may cause

Please note that all carved cakes such as vehicles are made with maderia sponge so a slightly heavier sponge to our normal wedding cake sponge as you need this structure to be able to shape it

Please note your wedding consultation is completely free so any samples are baked completely free of charge to you hence why we do a selection of our choosing at initial consultation stage.  Once you have committed to us with an order form completed and booking fee paid, then we are more than happy to produce additional flavours for you to try, there will be a small charge if you would like them ganached and iced, as these would have to be baked specific for you and we are unable to just provide just a slice of cake.


Ganache is used specifically for a lovely finish, which you dont get from using just buttercream especially in warmer weather, so it is used as a great foundation to then cover in fondant which is used for decorative purposes it is your choice as an individual whether you want to eat it or not, it is not there to enhance the flavour of your cake.

In the unlikely event your cake should be faulty we do have a complaints procedure in place, and this is handled separately than directly with the owner Nina at Cakes by Nina.

Please note that buttercream cakes have a shorter shelf life than fondant covered cakes, as there is nothing to seal it in and also they are alot more unstable so need to be kept in the coolest place possible.

We have several wedding cake stands that you can hire for £15 there is also a holding deposit of £100 for any of our stands incase of damage or non receipt of the stand, this is £485 for the hanging stand system, returning the stand is the responsbility of the bridal party and needs to be done within 5 days of event due to the face we have usually hired it out again the following weekend, stands will only be collected by Cakes by Nina on special arrangement.  On receipt of stand the holding deposit will be refunded in full. These must be returned by any member of the bridal party within five days from the date of the wedding, as you can appreciate we hire these out for other weddings.  Failure to return the stand by the due time you loose your holding deposit as we will have to use it to purchase another stand.

With regards to our motorised cake stand, we kindly ask that you turn it off after 3 hours for about 20 minutes this stops the motor from over heating, we will check this on return of stand before holding deposit is returned.

We also request, where possible to keep the consultation down to two people as it makes it quite difficult to talk when there is multiple people.

The higher the cake is the more supports will need to be used for structural purposes, ie dowels.  If you have figures made dried spaghetti, lollipop sticks or skewers have been used inside for supports.  Flowers, though classed as edible we do not recommend you eating as they contain wires and sometimes polystrene buds to keep the weight down.

Wedding Cake Deposits are currently £100 this will guarantee your slot, which means if you need to make any changes to the design or flavour choice you can do so within five weeks before your wedding date, but your slot is yours.

Full payment of wedding cakes is at least four weeks before the event, this gives us time to make all the decorations and ensure they are properly dried before decorating the cake.  If this isn't paid then your cake will not be delivered or released unless otherwise agreed.  No payment on the day will be accepted, wedding booking fee is non refundable.

Cancellation of an order: If you cancel the order within 3 months of your wedding and you have paid the full balance then you will receive 70% of the balance back minus the initial deposit, if you cancel the order within 6-4 weeks of your wedding than you will receive 50% of the balance back minus your initial deposit, this is due to the fact that once we receive the complete balance payment we have started to invest time and resources, as we donít hold a huge stock of materials we do buy in specific to a project and most case scenario we have started work on decorations, also for the 6-4 weeks notice we will find it extremely difficult to fill that slot again.

Cakes by Nina will not disclose your personal details to any third parties.

We offer a Candy Tree service, they are not intended for small children and all children should be supervised at all times, due to sharp edges of the cocktail sticks used to secure the sweets in place they could be a potential choking hazard. Children must be supervised at all times by an adult whilst picking sweets off the trees . Candy trees are deemed unsafe for young children aged for 0-3 year olds. Please note that some sweets may contain nuts.

Cakes by Nina holds no responsibility for any accidents that may occur from a candy tree and any allergic reactions due to Candy Trees.

Cakes and Wedding Consultations we would be most grateful if you could keep you consultation appointment times and if you are running late (ie such as an hour plus late) to have the courtesy to advice us of such, this enables us to plan our day, anything later than an hour unless we have been adviced we cannot guarantee your slot.  Please remember we are running a business and the time wasted waiting isn't acceptable as it stops us carrying on with our work commitments and family life - Thank you

Delivery Pricing Structure
Local deliveries will be £20.00 unless otherwise organised, this has to be organised in advance due to work commitments

Our standard delivery and set up charge is £20 but depending on venue this will be quoted separately, frimley park, and sandhurst are free of charge and any venues we are recommended supplier is free of charge

Collection is obviously completely free.

We are happy to meet half way somewhere too still at the above prices though

Having just completed several long journey deliveries (and sitting in lots of traffic) we realised we had to put a proper pricing structure in place, this includes time, wear and tear on the car and obviously fuel expenditure, please remember cakes and decorations are very fragile.

You can hire cake stands at a reasonable price of £15.00, however we do require a holding deposit of £100 to cover non return or damage to stands, one receipt of stand this will be fully refunded back.

Due to stands disappearing it is now upto the bridal party to return stands to us.

Please note when you purchase a fruit wedding cake, we will also use a dividing polystrene cake on each layer to give us the height we require to complete your design, as you can appreciate fruit cake are not as deep as sponge cakes, we can however make you double fruit cake if that is required but would be additional costs involved.

If having vegan cakes please note they do not has the shelf life of normal cakes.

Terms and Conditions
Please note you do not have to come for a consultation to book us we are more than happy to do this via email with you, whatever makes it easier on you.  We have lots of genuine reviews on our bridebook listing (please click on link on homepage to see).
We pride ourselves on our sugar flowers, most of our cakes we use sugar flowers but if you want fresh flowers we are happy to work with them


We are happy to use your florist flowers on any cake design but please check they are not poisonous or could cause a reaction before hand, and pesticides havent been used especially when placing them on naked cakes or exposed cakes, this responsibility lies completely with the client, we  do not recommend using gypsophila because of the following :
Gypsophila - Toxicity. While not highly toxic, plants in the Gypsophila genus can cause allergic reactions and all parts contain toxic compounds that cause dermatitis, difficulty breathing, and nose and sinus irritation. However, symptoms are usually short-lived, lasting only a few minutes after contact with the plant.

We cannot gurantee a nut free environment due to the fact we do not have a separate preparation area from the rest of our work, also we use products that some manfacturers state may contain nuts.

If your allergy is life threatening we WILL NOT take on the order.

We ask you read our allergen label which will be left beside your wedding cake when installed before consumption, failure to do so is the clients responsibility any reaction caused will be the clients responsibility and not Cakes by Nina