When talking to your cake designer are you after a cake that has the wow factor that will be a real talking point to your day or just a cutting cake that sits in the corner that no one really remembers.

It is useful to prepare a scrapbook of colours, flowers, and various cake designs that catch your eye to help your designer to come up with the perfect cake for you.

Donít be afraid to quirk your cake up a bit and make it about you as a couple and to make it fit perfectly into the theme of your day.

Think about budget you will pay more for a totally bespoke cake and a rough budget of between £450-£750 should get you a gorgeous customised cake, this is for a three to four tier cake, but depends on your cake design and varies depending on how much embellishment is required.

If you donít need much cake, donít pay for it and see it all wasted, ask your cake designer to replace layers with dummy cakes they look just as effective and no one would know, this will help to add drama too to your design, Cakes by Nina roughly discounts the cake by 10% if it includes dummies.

Have a tasting session and chat with your cake designer to ensure you are completely happy with everything, these chats can take from between half an hour to two hours depending on the design.  Its good to try cake so you can check for yourself that your cake designer is in fact using quality ingredients, after all your cake has got to taste as great as it looks.

Its never too early to book your slot with your cake designer, Cakes by Nina doesn't take on volume cakes its about creating the best cake for you and doing our best work. Once booked its absolutely fine to tweak the design and flavours nearer the time.  Also your cake designer will honour that price at the time of booking for you.

Check the venue has air conditioning if itís a summer wedding, even fans would help if outside, if you are having a buttercream covered wedding cake check there is going to be room in the fridge and that someone will be available to set this up for you nearer your actual wedding time, as unfortunately buttercream does melt.

Choose a cake spot in your venue that has impact but not  in walkways where people might trip up on it, and out of radiant heat from the sun in summer months as this will melt your cake.

If your florist is providing flowers make sure you have agreed who is going to wire and actually decorate the cake and that you liaise so that the flowers are ready for when your cake designer is at the venue.  Also please be aware that some flowers have been sprayed with pesticides and some flowers are poisonous.  Pick flowers that are robust and will last the time you have the cake on display as they cant look droppy and miserable especially in hot conditions.  Personally, Cakes by Nina preference would be sugar flowers it avoids all these problems.

Avoid,on hot days locating your cakes in front of windows, though a lovely photo point even air conditioning doesn't stop the factors of radiant heat and can melt your cake.

Also bear in mind if your cake is tall this will need to be built on site and you must allow enough time for your cake designer to do this for you.

Also if your venue is on a particularly bad road please also tell your cake designer as they might decide it is safer to build your cake on-site than risk it getting rocked about too much.
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