Autumnpumpkin - all sugar flowers - £1650 Katiegold - £665 Ivan, includes handmade topper, all sugar rflowers - £765 Rose Evelyn - £565 if bottom dummy - £655 if all cake Nasrin - £615
Autumnpumpkin - all sugar flowers - 1650 Katiegold - 665 Ivan, includes handmade topper, all sugar rflowers - 765 Rose Evelyn - 565 if bottom dummy - 655 if all cake Nasrin - 615
Kavan - £590 - sugar roses Jem - £585 - sugar roses Eleana - £645 Fantasy Navy - £765 topper not included bethany Rose - £1350
Kavan - 590 - sugar roses Jem - 585 - sugar roses Eleana - 645 Fantasy Navy - 765 topper not included bethany Rose - 1350
Elegant aeroplane - £425 Rosealyn Pink - £625 Cupcake Peacock - main cake £545 cupcakes £3.65 each Cupcake Peacock - main cake £545 cupcakes £3.95 each JA Fun Cake - £895
Elegant aeroplane - 425 Rosealyn Pink - 625 Cupcake Peacock - main cake 545 cupcakes 3.65 each Cupcake Peacock - main cake 545 cupcakes 3.95 each JA Fun Cake - 895
Orchid, shoe and car tower - topper £95 cupcakes £6.50 each Quirky Frame - £765 Superman - £565 Summer garden - £725
Orchid, shoe and car tower - topper 95 cupcakes 6.50 each Quirky Frame - 765 Superman - 565 Summer garden - 725
These are just examples of cakes we have produced you can tweak any of them to make larger or smaller, change colours, add personalised toppers to suit your requirements, this may incur an additional charge.  Handmade figures are available to purchase separately and start from 95 for basic couple or 125 for more detailed couple. You can swap figures for flowers. You can reduce the prices slightly by replacing layers with dummy cake also removing the figures. 

Please note delivery and set up is an additional charge. But is free if you are getting married in any of our recommended supplier venues

If you want the WOW factor cake but dont need all that cake thats not a problem we can replace tiers for dummy tiers this will reduce the cost slightly but there is still the time involved in making all the embellishments
Wedding Collection 2018
We are happy to use your florist flowers on any cake design but please check they are not poisonous or could cause a reaction before hand, and pesticides havent been used especially when placing them on naked cakes or exposed cakes, this responsibility lies completely with the client, we  do not recommend using gypsophila because of the following :
Gypsophila - Toxicity. While not highly toxic, plants in the Gypsophila genus can cause allergic reactions and all parts contain toxic compounds that cause dermatitis, difficulty breathing, and nose and sinus irritation. However, symptoms are usually short-lived, lasting only a few minutes after contact with the plant.
We now do fake naked rustic cakes (cakes inside), so you still have the look more or less of an naked sponge cake but without as many risks for your summer wedding, so still covered in ganache and fondant but the sugar fondant is handpainted to look like sponge cake, and all the fruits and flowers are made out of sugar, the next trend!