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Your Consultation
2021 - due to a huge backlog of existing orders and new orders, and being a very small business,  unfortunately we just do not have the time to do face to face consultations at the moment, as though they should only last half an hour they can take up to three hours because we want you to take your time and we don't feel we can give you this time allowance at the current stage, we are aiming to resume these again in April 2022, if not sooner.

We are still very much here to provide you with a wedding cake of your dreams and to still offer the quality product and service you deserve.

In the interim we are more than happy to communicate via phone, WhatsApp, email to still design your dream cake, we offer a very reasonably priced taster box which we make no profit from it purely covers ingredients, packaging and postage so you can literally try at your leisure together with literature about our services. 

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause but I can assure you I am still here for you to provide a high quality product and service to you.

We will be attending a few fairs this year so if you want to meet in person we would love to see you there.

If you look through my gallery I am one of the rare cake makers out there that has put prices underneath all designs so you get a good feel of what you are going to be charged up front which takes out any awkwardness.

I use quality, organic and free range ingredients and real chocolates no cheap subsitutes hence why my cakes might seem more expensive than other cake makers, I also work at an hourly rate of approximately 20 an hour.  I truly believe the cakes has to taste as great as it looks.

Happy wedding planning.

Our Taster Boxes

We call it our rustic tasting box because we literally treat your taster box the same as we would your wedding cake and that is we bake it fresh to order and literally cut and wrap it on the same day, so mine might not look as straight and perfect as other suppliers that's because they have probably used frozen or part frozen cake as your sample cakes cause it is much easier to cut perfectly.

I NEVER supply a frozen cake for your actual wedding cake, they are all baked fresh to order so I don't see any reason why I would send you out cake that has been prior frozen to try as it does change the structure slightly.

I'm still very excited and passionate about chatting to you about your wedding requirements, lets make that dream cake together. x